Art Journaling

Why keep an art journal?

It gives you a space and a place where you create a deeper sense of your life and what’s happening.

An art journal is about exploring, being adventurous or even outrageous!  It’s about being creative with paint, colour, shape or collaging.

The time spent playing in your journal book eases away stress by getting the busy, muddled mind down on to the paper.  It’s amazing what this process does and how it helps you find ways forward as you can often see your thoughts on the page.

It is in the doing, playing and creating, that you find inspiration.

The journaling process allows you time that is your very own creative ‘arty’ time.

It could simply be just a creative outlet for you.  Because without having to worry or be nervous about ruining a good canvas, or using up good paints, etc. you are building your very own creative muscle.  AND having FUN in the process.

My art journaling began when going through a really tough time.  I found that the process allowed me to find a way out of the dark pit into living in sunshine again.  Some pages turn out crap, others are beautiful and many give insights.  Insights that don’t come when you are living in your head only.

A book and a few colour pencils or paints is all you need to begin your art journal journey.

Monthly Art Play, Creative Journaling Class is being held Monday 27th  November 10:00am to 1:00pm at Wishart.  Contact Rhonda to answer any questions and book your place

Below are some of my Word of the Day journaling...  This practice only takes 15-20 minutes.  It helps to get my creativity flowing and is a good start to the day…

Ride the waves of life…

The big tumbly ones, the soft gentle flowing ones, the joyous ones!

Enjoy the strength they give you and the calming times of peaces when there is a lull in the waves flowing in the ocean of life.

CREATIVITY also comes in waves.  Go with the creative wave and let it flow.


A masterpiece is created by layers of paint on the canvas.

Your Life is Your Masterpiece!

It’s the layers experienced made up of joy, the good good times shared.

Sadness, tough times you go through.

The learning experiences that create Your Own Beautiful Masterpeice.

Feel the vitality of life’s layers in all its forms!




Each day brings new possibilities to discover, to explore something new.

A new idea.

A New experience that is something different from the norm.

Possibilities of little things that bring a smile to your heart

Allow times of stillness in your day.

It’s about taking the slow road and allowing yourself to breathe and absorbe the beauty around you.

When you feel calm and quiet, you are able to hop back on the speedy highway.

Whenever you feel the need of stillness, detour to the slow road again, leaving distractions behind on the highway.

Be present, be still of mind body and spirit


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