Weekly Art Class

Oils or Acrylics

If you’ve been saying…”When I have more free time, I’ll start painting again”

I’ve learnt by experience that day never comes.  It comes when you decide to pick up the paintbrush and spend time doing what you love – painting.

Painting is a wonderful activity for you to breathe, relax and just BE in a friendly art community space.  It allows you to step aside from all the uncertainty and confusion that surrounds us at this time.

Reacquaint yourself with the paintbrushes and paints again and feel the joy of creating on the canvas in oils or acrylics.

Learn from an experienced artist in the Brisbane southside area at Wishart

Tuesday Morning  10:00am to 12:30pm

$20 per class or $90 for 6 weeks

Here’s what others say… ” A calm space where I receive encouragement and guidance without taking over”

“Able to answer questions and is giving me permission and a commitment to paint”

TO BOOK YOUR PLACE, please contact me via Mobile:  0407 779 386

or email:


Colour Mixing Made Easy

Acrylics and oils

  • Imagine the feeling confidence of painting skilfully by knowing how to mix colour to bring your painting to life!
  • Are you sick of buying lots of tubes of paint to get the colour you want?
  • Are you unsure where to start when it comes to mixing colours?

Come and enjoy the freedom in knowing how to mix any colour you want!

In this workshop you will…

  • See, feel and experience the lustre and richness of colour
  • Feel the passion of conveying feelings through sensuous colour
  • Discover a new energy knowing how colours can work magic in your painting
  • Feel a greater confidence when mixing colours yourself

Materials provided including information handout

Here’s what others say…  “It has given me new hope learning how to mix the colour you want rather than having to make do with a shade you aren’t happy with”

“Rhonda explains clearly, is patient, encouraging and fun”

Art Journaling Class

  ave you heard about journaling and can’t bring yourself to sit down and write on the page?

…not everyone is drawn to write in a journal

There is another way to journal which is just as powerful… called Art Journaling!

Some of the benefits for filling an art journal is that it gives you a space to…

  • Work through your thoughts and ideas
  • Experience the freedom of expressing yourself
  • Connect to and feel peace and calm
  • Quieten the internal chatter and find your own gems of wisdom

All that matters is your own personal story expressed your way!

 Come along to the monthly Art Play, Creative Journaling…

You can choose either the Monday or the Wednesday session – or come to both

 When:         4th Monday of the Month                                   9:45 am-1:00pm

Where:        4 Lonsdale Place, Wishart

Cost:           $25 per class

 It is a fun morning for you to experience connection with others

Get in touch with your creativity

Enjoy the fun of exploring new art materials

Call Rhonda NOW to book your place

Mobile:  0407 779 386

What others say…

‘the companionship and creativity.  It is lots of fun using so many different things to achieve our outcomes and happy with my final outcomes.”

“seeing your examples and the honesty of them”  “Materials to use and new ideas”

Basic materials needed:

A sketch/journal book

Any paints or pencils you have

Any coloured markers, crayons you have

Contact me for more info

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