Hello, I’m Rhonda

Why I choose to paint… Painting for me is simply a joyful experience and brings great contentment.

I paint as I have a longing to express myself and take hold of what touches me emotionally.  I enjoy the tactile experience of painting as it allows me to let go and be free to be me.

More about what I love to do...

I am originally from Sydney, and now call Brisbane home.  The journey into exploring my creative potential started many years ago as a young adult.  Following the death of my mother and younger brother, art has become a fulltime passion, leaving office administration behind – providing both creativity and an emotional release.  This is now what I love to share with others, tapping into my talents as an art teacher from my southern Brisbane studio.

My choice of medium is oils as I find the lovely buttery consistency and slow drying qualities create a connection for me. I’ve gradually developed into a very proficient, talented and dynamic artist. Over the years I have been tutored by quite a few very notable artists.

And while my some of my pieces mark the memories of loved ones, I am creating legacies of my own:  an enduring work-in-progress where walls all over the world come to life with colour, creativity and my distinctive touch.

In February 2012 I had my first successful Solo Exhibition at The Percolator Gallery, Paddington.

Mixing colours from a limited palette is an exciting experience as it opens up a whole new world of different hues and tints, exciting vibrancy and endless possibilities in exploration of colour harmony creating an atmosphere that draws both myself, the artist, and the viewer into another world of senses.

The still lifes’ reflect the essence of me, as the objects painted all personally appeal or have a meaning.  I simply wish you to have a feeling of enjoyment when looking upon the painting and delight in the fact that it will enhance your environment.

Every painting is an adventure for me to further reach inside to discover something new, a new way to create a finished piece of work that invokes an emotional response from the viewer.

For me the beauty of painting is its power to live life in full colour!

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